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I get dozens of emails each week from dedicated fans sharing their successes, accomplishments, questions and even failures. I enjoy connecting with all of you!

As you can imagine, it takes me a while to read each of your responses. Because I know your time is valuable, I make it a priority to read and respond to every single email. After all, I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to connect with me!

Since the volume of messages that come in are so high, I ask for your patience with my response. If you have a question that needs a quick answer, have a look below at my frequently asked questions. Chances are, someone has had the same question as you and I’ve been writing them down!

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Can I use your pattern in my class or to share with my group?

Absolutely! I only ask that you not make printed copies of the pattern and redistribute it. Of course any mention of B.hooked Knitting will be greatly appreciated. I strive to be a great resource for knitters and someone in your group or class may also benefit from the resources here.

Can you do a tutorial for…

Unfortunately I am unable to create a tutorial for a pattern that was written by another designer. Patterns typically have a copyright in place and this would violate that. I do, however, accept general project requests. To submit your request, simply email me – brittany@bhookedcrochet.com – and put READER REQUEST in the subject line.

Can I translate your pattern into another language?

Due to the copyrights that are in place for my designs, you may not translate my pattern(s) and publish them anywhere online. If you would like to translate one of my designs, I will be happy to work with you and have your translation published on bhookedcrochet.com.

Can I sell products created from your patterns?

Yes! After all, it is your hard work invested in it. Please, however, do not use the images from the pattern page in your product listing. It’s your shop, make it uniquely you!

How can I print your patterns?

Currently, all of my patterns are available online only.

If your question was not answered here, feel free to drop me an email by filling out the form below.